Who doesn’t want a brighter smile?
Are you embarrassed by stains? Are you simply hoping to restore your smile’s brilliance? No matter your reasoning, it’s widely known that a beautiful smile can mean everything for your confidence and the impression you make. You deserve to be proud of the way you look. Today’s technologies provide a wide variety of whitening options to fit every need and every budget. Our practice offers the following options:

Tray Whitening
With combined in-office and at-home treatments, tray whitening offers incredible results–and fast! With custom-designed trays, you can know that the treatment will be extra effective. After tray design and fitting in the office, you will be given a take-home gel to continue treatments according to instruction.

In-office bleaching
Perfect for quick, noticeable results and more difficult staining, in-office bleaching is a leading professional option. The process is convenient, taking less than an hour, and yields remarkably white results.

Ask us about whitening today. Together, we’ll decide what is best for your smile.